My name is Tsuchiya Rumi a chairperson of a “Sado School”.

I would like to present about my school is named “Tsubaki no Kai School of Sado” and also some of my philosophy to understand my performance.

I have been learning about The Way of Tea, Known in Japanese as “Sado” or “Chanoyu”

The wisdom of the ancients have been passed down through teachings of “Sado”

Learning and Practicing the techniques are not enough to understand the “Way”

To master the techniques are extremely difficult.

Nature has calmness however it also has huge destructive power.

Both nature and The Way of Tea are strict in their techniques and lows.

There are a lot of secrets in “Sado”

Many of these secrets lie within the spirit of the student.

There is an old saying, “Nothing comes from nothing”

Human often destroy what they create.

However, some can find comfort in an atmosphere of nothingness.

I have been attracted to many points of “Sado” for a long time.

I am anxious to pursue this as my life’s work.

The School known as “Chashitsu” becomes a pleasant place to escape the outside world.

While I am in there, I am given a sense of security like being inside the womb.

People harmonize with nature.

I have realized this self subconciousness,

So that, I am able to become more natural, so my obsessions disappear.

“Sado” has given me a lot of happiness.

I always keep the door open to everyone who would like to look into my world.

“The Tsubaki no Kai School of Sado” perform many events in Japan with these philosophies.